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TestResources prices tend to be 50% of the price of a new comparable Instron, or better, so our tabletop test machines are good value compared to the cost to upgrade with new Instron controls. working principle of universal testing machine Normally, universal testing machines have a moveable struture which can vertically move up and down to realize both tensional and compressional tests. Component Test Systems Instrons component testing systems are characterized by the highest quality and reliability, ensuring the highest productivity in daily use.

Instron Series 5500 Load Frames Including Series 5540, 5560, 5580 Reference Manual - Equipment MEN Revision A www. The 6800 Series universal testing systems are powered by Instron’s Bluehill Universal software. The Instron 1122 Universal Testing Instrument is a highly reliable precision system for evaluating the mechanical properties of materials, including tensile and compression testing. Instron, a leading provider of testing equipment solutions designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, announces its new line of universal materials testing equipment.

•Console Internal Functions. Our most popular tensile grip and installed on more than half of all Instron universal testing machines. Users have the ability to interface with Instron’s technical support team directly from the software with Instron Connect, saving time troubleshooting.

We offer accessories and software for these systems so that they can be used to solve testing challenges for different materials or standards. This guide provides instructions on how to use your components and other frequently performed operating tasks. . Instron ® low force electromechanical universal testing machines perform tensile, compression, bend, peel, tear, and other mechanical tests on materials and products to ASTM, ISO, and other industry standards. They founded Instron in 1946, and we pioneered universal testing machines featuring strain-gauge load cells. The 5900 Series offers exceptional performance packaged in innovative frames, designed with enhancements.

The Instron® semi-automated auto-injector test fixture is designed for use with the 68 test systems and Bluehill® Universal Software with the TestProfiler module, which allows the system to measure cap removal, syringe activation force, injection time, injection mass, and lock out force of the needle shield in a single test method. The fixture mounts directly to the bottom Instron attachment. Testing to ISO 4587 requires a universal testing machine. Specimen Geometry.

INSTRON 5582 UNIVERSAL TESTER 1 Introduction he Instron 5582 Universal Tester is a state-of-the-art testing machine that features a 100 kN load frame, a variety of specimen fixtures, several strain gauge extensometers, and Merlin software that is loaded with data collection and analysis features. Any test material that has elongation or compression properties can be tested in UTM machine. please kindly contact with for detail. . · instron 3369 universal testing machine. Equipped with easy-to-understand icons and workflows, Bluehill Universal makes it simple to train users and set up tests, helping you maximize lab efficiency while minimizing costly errors.

Pneumatic Side Action Tensile Grips. instron 5565 universal testing machine is directly from instron universal testing machine company. Brief Introduction.

The 3400 Series Universal Testing Machines range in capacity from 500 N to 50 kN and are designed to meet all of your force testing needs. · Instron Product Manuals – Instron. Instron has used its wealth of applications and engineering experience to produce the most extensive range of accessories for materials testing instruments in the industry.

Materials testing software packages are available for all new Instron systems and as upgrades to existing Instron systems. Most low force testing is performed on a tabletop machine such as Instron&39;s 6800 Series, while higher force applications require floor model frames such as those found in Instron&39;s Industrial Series. We used the standard mounting to allow the SF-16 to swing out of the test space when it is not being used for room temperature testing. ASTM D is a common tensile test method for plastics. Universal Testing Systems. · The universal testing machine. We have developed a locator tool that details where on your machine you can find this number and will assist you when calling for support assistance.

With seated members on international compliance boards and a global network of experienced and skilled service technicians, Instron backs each system with all the resources necessary to support it. Instron manufactures tensile, compression, fatigue, impact, rheology, and structural testing machines, testing a variety of materials and range of applications. The Instron Universal Testing Machine process involves lifting of heavy items that could lead to personal injury and damage to property. We also sell completely new test machines, with models available at prices below ,500.

The universal testing machine has two vertical threaded shafts. For Universal, Dynamic, and Fatigue Testing Machines Compression platens are used to perform compression tests on a wide range of materials and components. Locating an Instron Testing System&39;s Serial Number The key to finding the history of your testing machine is through the serial number.

Compatible with Instron&39;s latest static testing software, Bluehill Universal, and optional operator dashboard built to instron universal testing machine manual optimize your interaction with Bluehill Universal&39;s touch interface. Bluehill Universal Software is built from the ground-up for touch interaction and an intuitive user experience. Instron Series 27 pneumatic action grips are designed for material testing applications where specimens are difficult to hold in conventional screw- action grips. Page 1-14 The Instron Series 4400 Universal Testing Instruments are electromechanical systems employing the latest printed cir- cuit board technology to provide a small, light and efficient testing system.

These grips are easy to use, extremely versatile, and efficient for high volume testing. Custom Universal Testing Machines. The Instron® brand is widely recognized for producing some of the most accurate, responsive, and secure materials testing systems in the world.

Bluehill instron universal testing machine manual Universal Brochure Bluehill Universal Software is built from the ground-up for touch interaction and an intuitive user experience. What is universal testing system? All software interfaces are designed to be natural extensions of the instruments for efficient test operation, while also providing a powerful post-test analysis tools, like DIC Replay, and data management tools, like TrendTracker™. How does an universal testing machine work? When installed in a Universal Testing Machine they allow a variety of tests to be performed to determine compression modulus, compression strength, and compression yield strength. A 5942 testing machine can be used with a saline bath to test the compression of an intraocular lens made to improve the eyesight of a patient. Tensile Testing Machineis widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum chemical industry, machinery, metal materials and products, electric wire and cable, paper, printing and packaging, tape, bags handbags, textile fiber, pharmaceutical, food industry, etc. The Instron™ X-Y Fixture is an accessory for use in the Instron™ brand Universal Test Machine (UTM).

Tensional tests include tensile, tear and peel tests. Serial Number is on the rear, near motor. Testing for all kinds of materials and. When used, samples are easily moved in X and Y directions under the indenter. Testing with Bluehill Universal helps to ensure compliance with the latest revision of testing standards while also simplifying workflows. UNIVERSAL MATERIALS TESTING SYSTEMS. ISO 7886-1 Testing Sterile Hypodermic Syringes Instron&39;s syringe test fixture works for various specifications and follows ISO 7886-1 to test the aspiration and injection of liquids.

This manual describes the functions and op- eration of the Control Console. For those testing applications that require more than a standard frame offers, our Engineered Solutions Group is available to design specialized systems to fit your needs – including taller or wider frames, custom safety features, high-speed frames, automation/robotics, and more. What is universal testing machines? A universal testing machine (UTM), also known as a universal tester, materials testing machine or materials test frame, is used to test the tensile strength and compressive strength of materials.

Specifications: Force capacity: 50 kN (11,250 lbf) Max speed load: 500 mm/min (20 in/min) Vertical Space: 1193 mm (47 in). Instron Connect Product Life Cycle Service Success Stories Training. Universal Tensile Testing instron universal testing machine manual Machine. The Instron® semi-automated auto-injector test fixture is designed for use with the 68 test systems and Bluehill® Universal Software with the TestProfiler module, which allows the system to measure cap removal, syringe activation force, injection time, injection mass, and lock out force of the needle shield in a single test method. The 6800 Series Universal Testing Systems are powered by Instron’s Bluehill Universal Software. A universal testing machine must be equipped with testing software and application-specific grips and accessories, such as extensometers.

Instron can provide models for testing of car, van, truck and bus axles with 6 degree-of-freedom. For this test, we chose an Industrial Series 300DX system with a Model SF-16 split furnace for use in the upper tension test space (The SF-16 furnace can also be mounted on a 5900 Series Universal Test System). All pe rsonnel should be trained in the proper procedures for manually lifting. Instron’s patent-pending Operator Protect system architecture makes the 3400 Series simpler, smarter, and safer than ever before. These systems are available in a range of sizes and maximum force capacities.

Made up of hundreds of grips, fixtures, load cells, and other accessories, our vast range of general purpose and application-focused accessories are designed to help you get. The advantages of these systems, as accurate and versatile tools, make them equally adaptable to research and development requirements as instron universal testing machine manual to the repetitive testing. What is the principle of universal testing machine? Bluehill Universal is industry leading materials testing software, built from the ground up for touch. Instron manufactures testing machines used to test the mechanical properties and performance of various materials, components and structures in a wide array of environments.

Today, Instron remains committed to delivering the highest quality, leading-edge technologies and services designed to push the boundaries of research, quality control and service-life testing.

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